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Since opening the doors of my practice in 1997, I have provided patients in the Atlanta Metro, the state of Georgia, and formerly the West Virginia area with a wide range of psychological services. Life can be overwhelming and sometimes even exhausting, but I’m here to guide you through any obstacles you may face. My goal is to help you understand yourself more deeply and better cope with change.


Discussing positive experiences leads to heightened well-being, increased overall life satisfaction, and even more energy. 

Nathaniel Lambert

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Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy at Yvonne Strohl Counseling Services, LLC, is a personalized and collaborative process aimed at supporting clients in addressing their unique mental health concerns, improving coping skills, and fostering personal growth. During individual therapy sessions, clients work one-on-one with a licensed therapist who provides a safe, non-judgmental space for exploration and self-discovery. Therapists use evidence-based approaches tailored to each client’s needs, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness techniques, solution-focused therapy, or psychodynamic therapy. Through a combination of therapeutic interventions, clients gain insight into their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, develop effective coping strategies, and work towards achieving their goals. The therapist-client relationship is built on trust, empathy, and mutual respect, creating a supportive environment for healing and positive change.

Family Therapy

Family therapy at Yvonne Strohl Counseling Services, LLC, is a collaborative and holistic approach to addressing challenges within the family unit and improving overall family dynamics. Families work together with a licensed therapist who specializes in systemic therapy techniques, focusing on understanding the interconnectedness of family members and how their behaviors and interactions influence one another. Therapists facilitate open and constructive communication, promote empathy and understanding, and help family members explore and resolve conflicts. Through family therapy sessions, families can address a wide range of issues, including communication breakdowns, conflicts, parenting challenges, life transitions, and emotional difficulties. The goal of family therapy is to strengthen familial bonds, improve relationships, enhance problem-solving skills, and create a supportive and harmonious family environment where each member feels valued and understood.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy at Yvonne Strohl Counseling Services, LLC, focuses on strengthening relationships, improving communication, and resolving conflicts in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. Couples work with a licensed therapist who specializes in relationship dynamics and utilizes a variety of techniques, which includes Prepare/Enrich facilitation, communication skills training, and interventions to assist couples on their journey. Through couples therapy sessions, partners explore their relationship dynamics, identify patterns of communication, address areas of conflict, and develop effective strategies for resolving differences and fostering deeper connections. The goal of couples therapy is to promote healthier communication, strengthen emotional bonds, and support couples in navigating challenges together, ultimately fostering a more fulfilling and resilient relationship.


Group therapy at Yvonne Strohl Counseling Services, LLC, offers a supportive and collaborative environment for individuals to explore shared experiences, gain insights, and develop coping strategies. Led by a licensed therapist, group therapy brings together a small group of individuals who may be facing similar challenges, such as anxiety, depression, trauma, or relationship issues. The therapist facilitates discussions, activities, and exercises that encourage mutual support, empathy, and personal growth within the group. Group members have the opportunity to share their perspectives, receive feedback, and learn from one another’s experiences, which can be empowering and validating. Group therapy fosters a sense of connection, belonging, and community, promoting emotional healing, resilience, and personal development in a safe and confidential setting.

LGBTQ++ • Transgender • ADHD • Anxiety • OCD • Depression • Autism • Divorce • Bipolar • Self-esteem • Adulting • Women’s Issues • Life Transitions • Career Issues • Academic and Behavior Problems • Adults • Teens • Neurodivergence

ERP • CBT • DBT Support • Talk Therapy • Psychotherapy • Clinical Hypnotherapy • Psychodynamic

Pricing and Insurance Accepted

Private pay is $150 per session.  $300 for the initial assessment

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